Venice (2010)

by Milos Itic on January 6, 2012

venice jakub kolskiWenecja (Venice) is definitely film you should watch. Another solid film from Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland Film Director. Four years earlier he make also one good movie with magic realism style, Jasminum.

Excellent cinematography with every scene its own depth and correctly pronounced story. Nice colors and shapes with the scene of beautiful deserted pictures of landscape Poland.

The story follows boy Marek, before and during the Second World War in Poland. The father and mother forsake him at family farm to live with his aunt. Marek creates his own version of Venice (this is the city that Marek loves very much) in the flooded basement. Marek is the smallest defender of Polish daily fields, who dream only about one thing and that is Venice, and his departure there. He do not want to be there where he is, he wants to go to Venice. “I do not want to be here” sentence, which he often repeated in the film. He very often wrote his wishes on paper and leaving them in the wall of the Catholic Church, next to the House for the boys.

Venice is the adaptation of several short stories by Polish author Włodzimierz Odojewski. Venice itself is a city of hope, city of the past and future, different from other cities in the world, a city that Marek wants to see.

Venice magic realism

The film leaves an excellent impression on the viewer. The last 5 seconds destroy everything. Breaks all the good parts and beautiful scenes so far and give the impression that the director of this film, however, by accident make some this fun and serious film.

“Venice” shows excellent depth of the field scenes and the relationship between people in war. Nature is beautiful, and fits with the architecture of holdings, costumes are nice and attractive and harmonious appearance of women and girls. War scenes are very realistic.

Immersion of basement, provides Marek, temporary fantasy of Venice, this is his sanctuary, while outside are the borders of brutality of German officers and hypocrite of Polish soldiers and traitors.

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