Truth about Independent Filmmaking

by Milos Itic on June 20, 2011

Hi Friends, Hi Filmmakers, Hi Indie Directors, time for a little big truth from my point of view:

1. Is the Future Film only Myth for Us?Independent-Filmmaking

First rule of Independent Filmmaker. Do not use your own money to produce the movie! But maybe this is the only way. Do you have family and cousins that want for you to be Film Director, and they have the money (have a lot of money).

2. Producers

If you are looking for Producer to give the money for your Idea, you usually will get the following answers and meet next type of “Produce” people:

– Guerrilla Producers: Don’t know the job, don’t have the money and don’t like the truth

– They do not have the money, solutions are fund or something similar. Producers: “Do you have the money, if you have, I will produce your movie, do not worry”

– 99% of Producers: Producers who do not respond to email and you can not find it by the phone. You will not find any answer from them by any communicating “way”. If you even start any way of communication, it will end suddenly, with no any answer What-so-ever. Or will end after first message “Send em a script”.

Not so much good people among us… you must understand this, if you want to carry on. Nobody likes the idea, the vision, the passion for films, they only want money, your money, or money what movie will bring. This is truth, but I guess you already know it.

3. Film Schools

There is two types of film schools: 1. National Film schools – you can very hard or even impossible to get in and 2. International and private schools – You need a lot of money and lot of time to waste

Is the School very important for Filmmaker to success. The answer is: Yes. And again: Yes. But we underground Directors, we usually don’t have the schools. And don’t have time to going to schools, and money, and not now when we have 50 or 60 years old.

The best thing you get it form schools (except the knowledge and self destructive harvest of ideas), from this point of view is friendship and many contacts. And they usually send your films to some festivals. And you got name and education. But for most of us, this is some rich fairytale. We don’t have the name and professional people don’t like us. But we have everything else I suppose :), what students lost in film schools.

Preparation for film is also very repulsive. A lot of paper to sing in, money to give, nonsense to learn, etc.

4. Film Festivals

Hm. Do we need this or this is our main goal? For me, it is hard to tell.

Entry Fee: Do I need to raise the money from the bank to send my film to the major festivals. Most of Festivals (especially in States) have this entry fee. You can pay it and send it among thousands other films.

– Who is the “Jury” of the festival and why so many bad films get the awards and the entrance. Who control this.

Thanks but no thanks. I am not that rich to participate in film festivals.

5. Film Markets

I guess, You never came so far, so don’t need to discuss this topic further :)

6. Other Film Directors

Other film directors usually are not friends of yours. You want but they don’t. Especially among young film directors. They are chosen bad. They continue. Fancy with large

7. Crew membersIndependent-Filmmakers camera

Do you find over net or in the area you living, “comrades” easily. Oh no. Its only you! It is your fight! Nobody want to ship in! Nobody like films and art, everyone in this modern age hunting for money, rich and fame are second.

8. Independent Film Sites

Any Independent website isn’t independent enough. Still mainstream. We need deep ground independent. I mean: Underground.

9 . Film Forums

Independent Film Forums are guarded by police and one thousand soldiers moderators. I think you will get out and never to return in the first day. “”You have received a warning at…” or “You have been banned for the following reason:spam, Date the ban will be lifted: Never”. What further to say my friends.

10. Crowd Funding

Believe it or not. I don’ believe. I try. My friends try. Anyone (friend filmmaker) I know, also try. But no. Not even one cent. No comment

So, what is the final conclusion. I don’t have it. It is depend of you, my friend. Of your determination. Take your idea, do not listen to anybody, take some tramps on the streets, take your camera, tripod, mobile phone, anything you have, find people with same thoughts, send couple of million emails, fight, struggle, this is a battle of struggle, I wish you all the best, so keep fighting and keep dreaming…

Written by Itic Milos


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