by Milos Itic on March 16, 2011

The difference is length. Usually, anything longer than two or three pages is called a treatment. What’s required here at InkTip is a synopsis of 1 page or shorter. You can write a treatment as well, but that is optional.

Treatments and synopses are some kind of selling and telling tools.Once upon a time, treatments were written using 12-point courier font. However, there are no absolutes on this. Just be aware that most other fonts squeeze letters together more tightly, making the treatment a slower read.

By the way, if you search for fonts you can purchase online, you can find many places that sell a “Courier Medium.” That would be fine if you’re printing your synopsis or emailing it as a PDF. If you’re emailing it as a Word doc, that wouldn’t work because the receiver wouldn’t have that font and it would be converted to something else on the receiving end.

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