Purged by James Lee

by Milos Itic on April 12, 2011

A gothic short animation and experimental film by James Lee. 

“An angel is banished to the cold plains of purgatory.

Purged was completed before I started work on Tarboy, and I figured it was about time I packaged and released it on Newgrounds and Youtube. It was my third year animation project in college and the first larger scale short film I completed. It was also the first project completed that Hania and I collaborated on.

The production of this was an absolute nightmare to say the least. Working on this project was the reason I decided to do Tarboy completely in Flash.

My overall pipeline for animation looked something like this: 1.Draw images on paper. 2. Scan into Photoshop for digital paint. 3. Bring into morphing software for head turns 4. Export into Flash for character animation. 5. Export into Adobe After Effects for compositing. 6. Export into Premier for Editing.

I’m thinking this will receive a mixed response, but at this stage I’m glad it’s finally out. Hope you enjoy it, check out the bonus features if you want to learn more about my messy pre-production process :)
For Purged, I wanted to create something experimental, which revolved around the concepts of heaven, purgatory and hell. I created this while my art was going through a more gothic stage.”

2D Animation and Art by James Lee
Music by Hania Lee

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