Public Domain Music

by Milos Itic on February 28, 2011

Public Domain VideoYou need good soundtrack or good background music for you independent movie. The good choice is Public domain music.If the music you want to use is in the public domain that’s mean:

  • All rights have expired or
  • The authors have explicitly put a work into the public domain
  • There never were copyrights

The Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) of 1998 extended copyright terms in the United States by 20 years. Since the Copyright Act of 1976, copyright would last for the life of the author plus 50 years, or 75 years for a work of corporate authorship. The Act extended these terms to life of the author plus 70 years and for works of corporate authorship to 120 years after creation or 95 years after publication, whichever endpoint is earlier. Copyright protection for works published prior to January 1, 1978, was increased by 20 years to a total of 95 years from their publication date.

Any Song or Musical Work published in 1922 or Earlier is in the Public Domain in the USA

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