Poetry: An old Saga about a Knight and his Priestess by Milena Nikolic

by Milos Itic on February 5, 2011


An old Saga about a Knight and his Priestess

We come back to the past
When Time stood still
And we find each other drowned
In bottles of strong cool gin.

We’d lived there for centuries
Never knowin’ how empty we had been.
Durin’ those nights of whoring and feasts
My name was carved into your wrist.

You waited for me somewhere in the Far East
I knew you cried every night.
For I was a knight and you a virgin priestess
Oh how I didn’ care ’bout how you felt, my sweet!

Then one night I woke up in my sleep.
I saw you standin’ on the edge of a mountain ridge
You came to end your life because of me!
The last thing you said was ”Goodbye, my King!”

I was far away and I couldn’t resist my fear-
I knew you loved me like no other woman forever will
Oh what an arrogant fool my mind had been…
So I grabbed my arrow, my horse and my shield;
not telling anyone I hurried up to find thee

Many a month had turned grey
till my horse and I reached your hiding place.
I wanted nothing more but to see you-
My body was in great fatigue, my heart in utter grief.

I entered your monastery. A mysterious touch fell upon my lip
You were kneeling in the shadow of passioned Christ, praying
Your back bent to the cold earth
I stood there, motionless, gazed at thee.

When you got up, crossed yourself again
and turned to get out, your face was drowned in oceans of tears.
It seemed to me you’d given up all hope I’d ever come back…
You passed by me as if by a stranger –  I didn’ dare move an inch.

Written by Milena Nikolic

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