Music you never heard: Peregrinove – Bocetos

by Milos Itic on February 2, 2011

Peregrinove – Bocetos

Music tags: instrumental, soundtrack, melodic, classical, conceptual, historical, traditional, war


Story based on the album: Raquel is an engineering student lover of literature, especially fantasy and chivalry. It is a novel writer, has attended courses in literature and yearns to write a story about a fantastical realm. Santiago, his younger brother, 8 years old running and enters the room with Raquel, to tell you in a while have to go to a meeting with the family at Aunt Sonia, but is surprised to see Raquel wrapped in a sea of papers “on his desk and asks what you are doing. She explains she is doing, “Sketches”, drafts or notes of their long awaited fantasy story. The boy eagerly asked what it’s about and Raquel with simple words and briefly explains the scheme, which tries to capture on paper. Santiago, imagine what her sister tells her, and suddenly your mind comes a series of melodies that approach and relates more to the magic world. In the end Raquel realizes that going to be late for the Christmas meeting at Aunt Sonia and grabs the hand of Santiago to go together in haste to the house of her aunt. There entire family is reunited, and together, celebrate Christmas.

Music of the work:

1) Sea papers: Santiago goes to Raquel’s room to tell him that it’s getting late to go to Aunt Sonia and celebrate Christmas, but is surprised to enter the amount of paper that is on the desktop.
2) Sketch I: Following the trail of the kingdom of Aroquia: from here, Raquel when asked his brother, he explains his “sketches, drafts or notes briefly. Here he describes as the Kingdom of Aroquia, has its foundation, its history, the lives of its people, its culture, and kept secret about planting a shrub that grows only on their land and that each leaf of them contain nutritional incalculable.
3) Sketch II: Winds of War. Andalam King reviews his army here neighboring kingdoms and nomadic tribes, they want to conquer Aroquia for miraculous bush, thus avoiding the extra costs must suffer to maintain their crops because of climate and labor and also avoid the costs of their trade to get those leaves. King Andalam to such a scenario, organizes his army.

EscucharLeer fonéticamente4) Sketch III: Battles: War begins. The letters are drawn. Several battles are fought between the sides.
5) Sketch IV: The Prophecy of the Hermit: The Reign of Aroquia priests, the king announced that the war will not cease, until we first find an elder, practitioner of the magical forest and mountain hermit by choice is single carrier of a prophecy that will end the aggression Aroquia. Only this prophecy will provide certainty to the solution of the conflict.
6) Christmas Meeting: Raquel realizes how late it is for the Christmas meeting, and takes his hand to Santiago to go quickly to the Aunt Sonia.

Composer and author of the book: Paolo Ortecho Suárez (Peregrinove).

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