Moviebox by Beeld Motion

by Milos Itic on April 27, 2011

Moviebox from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

Moviebox is a show from Megapix channel dedicated to movie news, which delivers interviews with stars and behind the scenes curiosities.For its new identity, playing with the handmade crafts graphic feel, we have simulated a small studio scenario where tiny narratives develop around good old movies clichés, representing a variety of film genres.The box always takes central place in the scenes, and besides being the channel’s symbol, works as a starting point for the construction of the Moviebox logo as well as the structure for the graphics inside the show.The final outcome is a strong identity that engages the audience in an amusing, playful way.

Cliente/Client: Rede Telecine
Conceito, Direção e Produção / Concept, Direction and Production: BEELD
Audio: BEELD

Eduardo Tosto, Greco Bernardi, Luiz Maggessi, Marcelo Mourão, Papito,
Victor Seabra, Filippo Johansson

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