May 1st – Ordinary People in Unusual Circumstances

by Milos Itic on May 3, 2011

  1. Rita Coolidge (1945) – Multiple Grammy Award-winning American vocalist. During the 1970s and 1980s, she charted hits on Billboard’s Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary and Jazz charts
  2. Glenn Ford (May 1, 1916 – August 30, 2006) was a Canadian-born American actor from Hollywood’s Golden Era with a career that spanned seven decades. Despite his versatility, Ford was best known for playing ordinary men in unusual circumstances
  3. Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis Breton (1827) – 19th century French Realist painter. His paintings are heavily influenced by the French countryside and his absorption of traditional methods of painting helped make Jules Breton one of the primary transmitters of the beauty and idyllic vision of rural existence
  4. George Inness (1825) – American landscape painter; born in Newburgh, New York; died at Bridge of Allan in Scotland. His work was influenced, in turn, by that of the old masters, the Hudson River school, the Barbizon school, and, finally, by the theology of Emanuel Swedenborg, whose spiritualism found vivid expression in the work of Inness’ maturity. He is best known for these mature works that helped define the Tonalist movement
  5. Wesley Wales Anderson (1969) – American film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer of features, short films and commercials
  6. Theodorus “Theo” van Gogh (1857) – Dutch art dealer. He was the younger brother of Vincent van Gogh, and Theo’s unfailing financial support allowed his brother to devote himself entirely to painting. Theo died at the age of 33, six months after Vincent died at the age of 37
  7. Ray Erskine Parker, Jr. (1954) – American guitarist, songwriter, producer and recording artist. Parker is known for writing and performing the theme song to the motion picture Ghostbusters, for his solo hits, and performing with his band Raydio as well as the late Barry White
  8. Samuel Timothy “Tim” McGraw (1967) – American country singer and actor. Many of McGraw’s albums and singles have topped the country music charts, leading him to achieve total album sales in excess of 40 million units. He is married to country singer Faith Hill and is the son of former baseball player Tug McGraw
  9. Tim Hodgkinson (1949) – English experimental music composer and performer, principally on reeds and keyboards. He is best known as one of the core members of the British avant-rock group Henry Cow, which he formed with Fred Frith in 1968. After the demise of Henry Cow, he participated in a number of bands and projects, including a solo recording career
  10. D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky (1968) – American musician. She is best known for her work as the original bass player of the alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins. During her tenure with the band, Wretzky played almost exclusively a Fender Jazz Bass

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