March 13th

by Milos Itic on March 13, 2011

10 people born on this day (March 13th):

  1. Emile Davenport Hirsch (1985) – American television and film actor
  2. David Michael Draiman (1973) – Songwriter and the lead singer for the metal band Disturbed, from Chicago, Illinois. Draiman is known for his distorted voice and rhythmic singing style. In November 2006, David was voted number 42 on the Hit Parader’s “Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time
  3. William Hall Macy, Jr. (1950) – American actor and writer. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo
  4. Neil Sedaka (1939) – American pop singer, pianist, and songwriter. His career has spanned over 50 years, during which time he has written many songs for himself and others, often working with lyricists Howard Greenfield and Phil Cody
  5. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911) – Better known as L. Ron Hubbard (and often referred to by his initials, LRH), was an American pulp fiction author and religious leader who founded the Church of Scientology. After establishing a career as a writer, becoming best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories, he developed a self-help system called Dianetics which was first published in 1950. He subsequently developed his ideas into a wide-ranging set of doctrines and rituals as part of a new religious movement that he called Scientology. His writings became the guiding texts for the Church of Scientology and a number of affiliated organizations that address such diverse topics as business administration, literacy and drug rehabilitation
  6. Percival Lawrence Lowell (1855)- Businessman, author, mathematician, and astronomer who fueled speculation that there were canals on Mars, founded the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, and formed the beginning of the effort that led to the discovery of Pluto 14 years after his death. The choice of the name Pluto and its symbol were partly influenced by his initials PL
  7. John Paul Larkin (1942) – Better known by his stage name Scatman John, was an American jazz musician and rapper who created a fusion of scat singing and dance music, best known for his 1994 hit “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)”
  8. Henry Hathaway (1898) – American film director and producer. He is best known as a director of Westerns, especially starring John Wayne
  9. John Hasbrouck Van Vleck (1899) – American physicist and mathematician, co-awarded the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physics, for his contributions to the understanding of the behavior of electrons in magnetic solids
  10. André Téchiné (1943) – French screenwriter and film director. He has had a long and distinguished career that placed him among the best post-New Wave French film directors

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