Jasminum (2006)

by Milos Itic on January 6, 2012

Jasminum is a beautiful and warm story about love, living and a friendship.This one is from Jan Jakub Kolski magic realism films, because, the movie is filmed in the style of several of his previous films. In recent years, several European directors are trying to make their films in this direction.

jasminum magic realism

The story is located in a small provincial town, and a monastery. In the center of attention, three monks, who smells of various fruit trees. They are called that way: One is Cherry, second is Wild Cherry, third is Plums. They rarely leave their monastery, and rarely communicating with people. They are mostly out only at night, while performing certain tasks in the garden. Nice old “Father” Zdravko cares about them. Overseen by the Staresina monastery, which is also an interesting character, who is in loved with seventh art. He studied and drawing their movements every day, trying to find some parts of prophecy and feel next occurrence of a Saint. For residents of this small temple, take care of a mostly mute Sculpture – a small, but big in spirit, the Holy Roko.

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Jasminum is the Latin name for Jasmine. The plot is happen in the second half of the twentieth century and shows a small community of monks and village life of habitants and their relationship to Catholic church.

jasminum-father Zdravko

Unusual, attractive, charming and interesting story, you should definitely experienced this film. The search for happiness, in order to find true love. “Jasminum” leaves us a message at the end, that they are not saints who all these years trying to establish any connection with the abstract God and  those who swear by the testament of silence, those who through meditation, trying to come to a greater degree of spirituality, those who all life tries to serve God, those who spend their whole life in the churches and monasteries, but the ones who always help others and revived lost meaning of the phrase already forgotten “Good”.

jasminum_jan Jakub Kolski

Father Zdravko is the real Saint, who wakes up early in the morning by the sound of an alarm on a digital clock and first food animals, then people, then himself.



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