Interesting words: Binge

by Milos Itic on February 4, 2011

Binge – Binge drinking

Binge drinking is the modern definition of drinking alcoholic with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. Also Binge used to mean drinking heavily over several days.

Uncontrolled Overdrinking

– consumption of five or more drinks in a row by men

– four or more drinks in a row by women

Binge drinking brings to mind a self-destructive and unrestrained drinking bout lasting for at least a couple of days during which time the heavily intoxicated drinker “drops out” by not working, ignoring responsibilities, squandering money, and engaging in other harmful behaviors.

It is a kind of purposeful drinking style that is popular in several countries worldwide, and overlaps somewhat with social drinking since it is often done in groups. Binge drinking definition is episodic excessive drinking.
Alcohol and what does it to my mind

“It shrinks my liver, doesn’t it, Nat? It pickles my kidneys. Yes. But what does it do to my mind? It tosses the sandbags overboard so the balloon can soar. Suddenly I’m above the ordinary. I’m competent, supremely competent. I’m walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls. I’m one of the great ones. I’m Michelangelo moulding the beard of Moses. I’m Van Gogh, painting pure sunlight. I’m Horowitz playing the Emperor Concerto. I’m John Barrymore before the movies got him by the throat. I’m a holdup man — I’m Jesse James and his two brothers, all three of them. I’m W. Shakespeare. And out there it’s not Third Avenue any longer. It’s the Nile. The Nile, Nat, and down it moves the barge of Cleopatra. Listen: Purple the sails, and so perfumed that The winds were love-sick with them; the oars were silver, Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke, and made The water which they beat to follow faster, As amorous of their strokes. For her own person, It beggar’d all description.
The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself”

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