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by Milos Itic on March 16, 2011

Girl Walks Into a Bar is a 2011 multiple story line ensemble comedy film produced exclusively for Internet distribution. By turns funny and heartbreaking, this sharp-witted comedy is directed by Sebastián Gutiérrez from his own script, much like the anthology style of Gutiérrez’s Women in Trouble, and follows a group of apparent strangers in interlocking stories taking place in ten different bars during the course of one evening throughout Los Angeles.

GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR Official Trailer – Free YouTube Movie

Girl Walks Into a Bar premiered at The ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas on March 7, 2011 in Los Angeles and screened as an official selection of the Spotlight Premieres section at the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival 2011 in Austin. The film is currently available in the United States to watch for free exclusively on YouTube with sponsorship from Lexus.

An undercover ex-cop named Francine Driver, who poses as an assassin, meets a dentist in a Los Angeles bar. His name is Nick and he wants his wife dead. He does not have the upfront payment of $20,000, but he promises he can get it for her before the night is over. When he leaves, Francine meets a young man named Henry, a photographer who charms her before stealing her wallet and running off into the night. Her wallet contains the device used to record her conversation with Nick, and the evidence is incriminating. And so begins Francine’s frantic search through the bars and clubs of Los Angeles. As she journeys, a number of characters are introduced. There is Henry’s sister, Teresa, an exotic dancer. There is Teresa and Henry’s father, Dodge, an ex-con who gives his son the most baffling of advice and has a strange fixation on bones. There is Nick’s patient, Aldo, a gangster who can get Nick his money … but only by roping him into participating in a heist. There is a bartender named Camilla, who is having relationship problems with her divorced upstairs neighbor. There is June, a hatcheck girl for an exclusive nude ping pong club. There is Francine’s superior, Sam Salazar, who is always addressed as Officer but is actually a detective. And then there is Francine’s ex-husband, Emmit, who has something Francine wants.

The film received mixed to positive commenting reviews on its own YouTube channel. Chris Pandolfi from Popzara praised Gutierrez’s dialogue, saying “those he casts should consider themselves lucky, for they have been given an opportunity so few directors give nowadays: To be in an intelligent, witty movie that relies less on physicality and more on the power of speech.

The film may not have had a theatrical release, but more people have seen Girl Walks Into a Bar than some of the top ten biggest grossers from March 11, 2011 weekend. According to Shangri-La Entertainment, more than 250,000 people watched the YouTube-only ensemble comedy during its opening weekend. A spokesperson for the production company said that would have allowed the film to crack the weekend’s list of biggest box office earners.Watch Girl Walks Into a Bar, A Feature Film Made Exclusively for YouTube. This is youtube first major feature film presentation.

Below is a one-hour-and-nineteen-minute film, directed by Sebastian Gutierrez and available only online, starring Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Josh Hartnett, and a bunch of other people you’ve actually heard of. (In fact, Girl Walks Into a Bar is currently trending on Vulture’s Anticipation Index, meaning you’ve heard of it, too.) The project is meant to prove that  web distribution is a viable medium for theatrical quality movies.


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