Facebook and The Future of Online Video Rentals

by Milos Itic on March 16, 2011

Users have become increasingly comfortable with Facebook as a place to watch videos, catapulting the social network into the top 10 video destinations on the web in the U.S. But will they also pay for movies from big time studios?

That question might soon be answered, as Warner Bros. has made The Dark Knight available to Facebook users as a low-cost rental directly through the social networking site. As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie can be rented for 30 Facebook credits, or approximately $3. Users who pay for the rental will have 48 hours after purchase to watch the movie, which can be paused, resumed and displayed in full screen mode. The Facebook implementation also has all the social hooks one might expect from the site: Users can like, comment on and share the movie with their friends from directly within the Facebook app.

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