Cecil B. Demanted and the Underground Cinema

by Milos Itic on February 8, 2011

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cecil-b-demented-posterFilm for Underground Cinema, for film lovers and For Independent Filmmakers and for they struggle to make short and feature movies.


John Waters


John Waters


Melanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff and Alicia Witt

Cecil B. DeMented (Stephen Dorff) and his gang of guerrilla filmmakers (called the Sprocket Holes) are fight to make their visionary no budget film “RAVING BEAUTY”. An overriding force in the madness is that Cecil insists the gang stays celibate for cinema until the film is finished. Famous Hollywood star Honey Whitlock (played superbly by Melanie Griffith) is at the premiere of her new film SOME KIND OF HAPPINESS. They kidnap her and take her back to their studio inside an abandoned theatre (most of he crew members got sick while doing filming on the set of the Hippodrome theater. Many of the cast members, including Melanie Griffith, had pneumonia).

Written and directed by John Waters, Cecil B Demented is an insane action comedy about a young underground filmmaker and his loyal cult of film fanatics who declare war to bad cinema.. Cecil’s shooting style is called “ultimate reality – “real life, real people … and yes real terror”.

The movie is about the love of the movie – specifically about the passion needed to make film just as film. Cinema is for future Independent Filmmakers an act of desperation. “Cinema Wars” how it was translated in some countries.

Cecil B. Demanted must stop the movie industry from producing mainstream stuff. John Waters created some fabulous characters who ridicule the everyday Hollywood, and not just the movies, also the talentless bitch actors and actresses who’s only talent it is to smile and look pretty. Cecile B. Demented is our hero and our anti-hero.

John Water loves to do things completely different from Hollywood, so in his movie he especially goes after to destroying those last bastions of family value. the reveloution continues! bad cinema must die! It is an incisive and intelligent indictment of the drivel Hollywood puts out and the cynical marketing and distribution systems in place, while at the same time getting good comic mileage from its over-the-top celibate “art terrorists.” There are so many funny lines and great moments,

Independent Underground Art Anarchy. Cult movie for film makers and film lovers. Being an underground filmmaker myself, I easily would associate myself with Cecil B. Demented! Let us show Hollywood cinema who the true film-makers are, and make underground movies OUR way!!!!

“We believe that technique is a substitute for failed style.”

Brilliant and hysterical Satire of Hollywood movies. The film’s title came from a magazine headline that called Waters himself Cecil B. DeMented

Premiere of Waters film “Cecil B Demented”Premiere of Waters film "Cecil B Demented"

The tattoos on the Cecil B. Demanted crew:

  1. Cecil – Otto Preminger – left forearm
  2. Cherish – Andy Warhol – thigh
  3. Lyle – Hershell Gordon Lewis – left breast
  4. Pam – Sam Peckinpah – left arm
  5. Chardonnay – Spike Lee – stomach
  6. Lewis – David Lynch – knuckles
  7. Fidget – William Castle – chest
  8. Raven – Kenneth Anger – chest
  9. Rodney – Almodovar (presumably Pedro) – right arm
  10. Petie – Fassbinder – left forearm
  11. Dyna – Sam Fuller – right forearm

Written by Itic Milos

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