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by Milos Itic on October 7, 2012

What is a Busker. This is a a person who entertains public in open air usually for donations. This is Italian origin word and mean “to procure, to gain“. Also there is Spanish word “buskar” and this mean “to look (…)

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by Milos Itic on July 23, 2012

Do you have Textiety? Textiety is a condition where person becomes impatient or anxious while waiting for someone to text them back. In modern world, I think many have this kind of problem. It can lead to depression. Are you (…)

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Tetrapharmakos – The four part cure

by Milos Itic on April 21, 2012

The Tetrapharmakos¬† is very interesting word and it mean “The four-part cure”. Greek philosopher Epicurus make fun recipe for leading the happiest possible life. The tetrapharmakos was compound of four component: four remedies for healing the soul. Main concept is (…)

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Rumor or Rumour

by Milos Itic on February 26, 2012

Rumor or Rumour, Rumor vs Rumour Both words are correct, depending on which language type you’re talking. The American English language uses “Rumor“. The British English language uses “Rumour“

Interesting Words: Contingency

by Milos Itic on June 8, 2011

Contingency is a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty

Interesting Words: Go-To Man

by Milos Itic on April 12, 2011

A Go-To Man is a person who can be a friend or an acquaintance. He or she is willing to do things that most or all your other friends would not

Theatre of the Absurd

by Milos Itic on March 12, 2011

The Theatre of the Absurd represent and definite a form of drama that emphasizes the absurdity of human existence by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue, purposeless and confusing situations, and plots that lack realistic or logical development.

Interesting words: Binge

by Milos Itic on February 4, 2011

Binge – Binge drinking Binge drinking is the modern definition of drinking alcoholic with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. Also Binge used to mean drinking heavily over several (…)

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