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Psychology Of Colors

by Milos Itic on September 21, 2012

Color is very strong and powerful psychological tool, and it is used in variety of media. Many uses of this “science of colors” is used in advertising. Visual appearance is supposed to be more appealing when compared to any medium (…)

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Wuxi Grand Theatre

by Milos Itic on August 28, 2012

Wuxi Grand Theatre made by PES-Architects with design came from the butterfly motive in the center if an old Chinese operas.┬áPES-Architects Limited is one of the leading and most international famous architectural design firms based in Finland. They won the (…)

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Future Design: Bento Pad

by Milos Itic on June 30, 2012

Bento Pad is a presentation of future module of tablet and laptop designs. It delivers an extraordinary mobile and computing experience. Bento is a cinematic tablet that lets users enjoy content with modularity approach.Very unique minimalistic and modern style and (…)

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29 Creative Ways

by Milos Itic on June 22, 2012

29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. To-Fu is the name of this creative group of people. You cna find them on the twitter as well, by the name of Sei Ohmori (@tofu_design). Very nice design video, very (…)

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