Camera Angles

by Milos Itic on November 22, 2011

Types of camera angles, shots:

1. Subjective camera angles (shots) are taken from personal point of view. It displays what someone sees. The camera acts like an eye of the subject and like the eyes of the audience. 

2. Objective camera angles (shots) are not seen from anyone (or anything’s) eyes, but rather from an ‘observer’s’ point of view. This supposed observer is, as far as the narrative is concerned, not actually there; that is, the characters cannot see or interact with the camera. The majority of camera angles taken in film are objective.

3. Point of View (POV) (shots). Particular player’s viewpoint. Sometimes abbreviated to POV, a point-of-view shot is when the camera is positioned to record what a character in the film would be seeing from his perspective. This is between subjective and objective angles. Combine objective approach and subjective shot.

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