Bullitt (1968) – Another “slowest” Cop life

by Milos Itic on February 19, 2011

Don’t Watch it

Oscar winner for Best Editing, one of the most famous car chase scenes in cinema history, Steve McQueen and Dirty Harry profile are set for one more classic in movie history. But not for me.

BullittBullitt (Steve McQueen) is a hard boiled not to much talking cop who is hand-picked by a arrogant Senator Chalmers to protect a very important witness from mafia . The senator lacks any subtlety in making promises about helping the careers of anyone who does a good job for him, but Bullitt’s only interest is doing his job. Naturally, the witness gets killed while in Bullitt’s charge…

  • The plot is transparently bad, usuall for americna b movies and predictable
  • Steve McQueen is great
  • Atmosphere is not that bad
  • Bullitt never use gun, even when he chasing the killer
  • Film is slow, boring, nothing really happens, the pace of the movie is so incredibly slow
  • The last scene – The airplane
  • All along the movie, the behavior of the policeman Bullitt is highly unprofessional

“Bullitt” is the most boring action-crime movie I have ever seen.”

Written by Itic Milos

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