Aspect Ratio

by Milos Itic on December 12, 2011

The aspect ratio of an image (picture) is the ratio of (divided) two numbers. First is width of the image. Second is height of the image. This is expressed as two numbers separated Aspect-Ratio weight heightby a colon. x (width) : y (height)

Any image has its own aspect ratio.

We have two video standards:

4:3 standard – Old television standard

16:9 standard –  international standard format of HDTV


We have five standard radio for television and film:

1. 4:3 (1.333333)Aspect Ratio standard

  • 35 mm original silent film ratio
  • Standard ratio for MPEG-2 video compression
  • Standard 16 mm and Super 35mm ratio
  • Some old personal video cameras
  • Some television

2. 3:2 (1.5)

  • Some examples of 35 mm film used for photography
  • Native aspect ratio of VistaVision

3. 16:9 (1.77777777777778)

  • Widescreen standard
  • HD television
  • One ratio of  MPEG-2 video compression
  • Soem new personal video cameras

4. 1.85:1 (1.85)

  • Standard for 35 mm US and UK for theatrical film

5. 2.39:1 (2.39)

  • 35 mm anamorphic picture
  • Current  wide-screen for theatrical viewings
  • Panavision and Scope format

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