April 26th – Muhammad and Jet LI

by Milos Itic on April 26, 2011

10 people born on this day (April 26th):

  1. Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh (570/571) – The founder of the religion of Islam
  2. Li Lian Jie (1963) – Better known by his stage name Jet Li, is a Chinese martial artist, actor, film producer, wushu champion, and international film star who was born in Beijing, and has taken up Singaporean citizenship in 2009
  3. Douglas Sirk (1897) – Danish-German film director best known for his work in Hollywood melodramas in the 1950s
  4. Marianne Hoppe (1909) – Most distinguished German theatre and film actress
  5. Morris Langlo West (1916) – Australian novelist and playwright, best known for his novels The Devil’s Advocate (1959), The Shoes of the Fisherman (1963), and The Clowns of God (1981). His books were published in 27 languages and sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. Each new book he wrote after he became an established writer sold more than 1 million copies
  6. Ieoh Ming Pei (born April 26, 1917), commonly known as I. M. Pei, is a Chinese-American architect, often called a master of modern architecture
  7. Roger Andrew Taylor (1960) – English musician who is best known as the drummer of English rock band Duran Duran from their inception until 1985, and again from 2001 onwards
  8. Joey Jordison (1975) – American musician, songwriter, and record producer. He grew up in Waukee, Iowa with his parents and two sisters, and was given his first drum kit at the age of 8. He performed in several bands until joining The Pale Ones in summer of 1995, a group which would change their name to Slipknot
  9. Janne Viljami “Warman” Wirman (1979) – Finnish musician; he is the keyboardist for the bands Children of Bodom and WarmenJanne Viljami “Warman” Wirman (born April 26, 1979) is a Finnish musician; he is the keyboardist for the bands Children of Bodom and Warmen
  10. Thomas John PatrickTomWelling (1977) – American actor, director, producer, and former model, best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the CW series Smallville

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