A Pure Formality (1994)

by Milos Itic on February 28, 2012

Giuseppe Tornatore, Gérard Depardieu and Roman Polanski were a great trio for this film project. What else to say. One room, Night, Storm, Rain, Small old police station. Una pura formalità (original title). It happens in few rooms, and film reminds in classics like 12 angry mans and many other…

Pure-Formality great movie

Gerard Depardieu plays Onoff, a burnt-out writer who finds himself at a foreign police station in the middle of the night in a big storm. He is picked up by the police one stormy night, without any identification, out of breath and running madly, without clear memory of recent events. The Inspector, Roman Polanski is suspicious. Through an interrogatory dialectic, the principal of this lonely, isolated, broken-down police station tries to discover what has happened, by delving into the mind of his writer-hero, and clearing up a mysterious killing. He is being interrogated by Roman Polanski for a murder.

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All Tornatore movies, like that has never been seen before. This film maybe gave the idea to year later movie “Usual Suspects”, there are many similar plot lines. You’ll see the stunning performance of unbelievably excellent Polanski and surprisingly good Depardieu. There are some symbolic elements you need to discover in film.

Clever script with great cinematography, fantastic acting, mastermind atmosphere, one of the best mystery and suspense films ever, a lot of little story frameworks, claustrophobic feel, nice attention to details, inspiration for many movies after…

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