A Beautiful Belly – First Feature Film Shot On The Canon 5D Mark II

by Milos Itic on March 16, 2011

A Beautiful Belly is film by  Andrew Kenneth Gay and  starring Chris Worley, Lauren Brown and Michele Feren. A BEAUTIFUL BELLY is being shot on the 5D Mark II for numerous reasons. is this  new indie filmmaking wave. First opportunity to pioneer a new medium, which is part of what today’s camera tests are all about.

A Beautiful Belly was shot in Orlando, FL, on the Canon EOS-5D Mark II with Nikon Lenses. Cinematographer Marco Cordero is one of the first to use a DSLR to shoot feature length motion pictures, making A Beautiful Belly a huge technological achievement. With this groundbreaking gear and a lighting package consisting mostly of Chinese paper lanterns, the production team behind A Beautiful Belly successfully rendered million dollar images from a budget of less than $50,000, and the results speak for themselves.

The principal photography of A Beautiful Belly posed other interesting challenges, such as working with pregnant models and trained dolphins, and in the following Q & A, writer/director/producer Andrew Kenneth Gay shares some of the behind the scenes secrets of this unique film.

2011 Trailer for A BEAUTIFUL BELLY from A Beautiful Belly on Vimeo.

What is the advantages of this dslr camera? Answer from Director and crew:

“First, the Mark II is small. It’s a still camera, and even when loaded up with a Fig Rig, it remains unbelievably versatile, maneuverable, and discreet. Second, the Mark II picks up light like a mother. If we were shooting this feature on a typical HD camera with a 35mm lens adaptor for cine-lenses, we’d lose multiple stops of light, requiring complicated and time-consuming lighting set-ups. Not to mention, with all those lights surrounding the set, your actors and your operator are incumbered in their actions. Remember Christian Bale’s freakout about someone adjusting a light in his eye-line (an understandable freakout when you know how movies are made)? Shooting on the Canon Mark II, the lighting is so minimal, your actors can focus on the moment.”

Finally, footage shot on the Canon Mark II is beautiful. I’m pumped to be making this film on the Mark II. If we’re the first to do it, all the better, but much more important than being first to me is being good. A BEAUTIFUL BELLY will premiere at the 2011 Florida Film Festival, 4pm on April 16, Enzian Theater.

Shot entirely on the Canon EOS-5D Mark II with Nikon Lenses on a budget of under $50,000, A BEAUTIFUL BELLY is a groundbreaking technical achievement for independent film.


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