The worst movies loved by Critics

by Milos Itic on February 17, 2011

In some way and sometimes, many of us can not agree with the film critics. We make films, they watch. Then, they write movie critic and we our watching. And in some ways they lost their track. I made a list of some very bad movies for me that are on most higher places in critics lists. But there have always been bad films, and critics always had their biases when it comes to genre. I do not care about critics and their review of the movie, I do not care about what majority of people thinks,  I make films for Individuals.

  1. Maltese Falcon
  2. Slumdog Millionaire
  3. There will be blood
  4. To have and have not
  5. Some like it hot
  6. Bullitt

Written by Itic Milos

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