Necessary tools and things for photographers

by Milos Itic on April 27, 2012

Well known photo assistant Shawn Corrigan share with the world 10 items that he need for everyday photography. He has spent the past ten years traveling with different cameras. This is essential photography kit. This is Shawn Corrigan checklist. You (…)

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The Man who quit the life as we know it

by Milos Itic on April 25, 2012

Mark Sundeen burns out all of his money and everything he has and decided to go out of modern life and to live in the cave. 12 years later, he wrote a book: “The Man Who Quit Money”. At the (…)

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Stay (2005)

by Milos Itic on April 22, 2012

Relation between the doctor Dr. Sam Foster and the patient Henry Letham. One wants to commit suicide and other wants to save him. Which world will collapse. Directed by Marc Forster. Main roles by Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling. Psychological (…)

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Tetrapharmakos – The four part cure

by Milos Itic on April 21, 2012

The Tetrapharmakos  is very interesting word and it mean “The four-part cure”. Greek philosopher Epicurus make fun recipe for leading the happiest possible life. The tetrapharmakos was compound of four component: four remedies for healing the soul. Main concept is (…)

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Steve Martin: 5 best comedies

by Milos Itic on April 20, 2012

Welcome to his world. One year in Oscar’s nomination, Steve Martin was the host. He asked Richard Gere, how is he feeling, because he is acting so good and still not Oscar for this year? And then, when Gere answered (…)

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Furniture Art

by Milos Itic on April 19, 2012

Do you sometimes hear about Swedish furniture. Ikea Uppleva? We present you nice looking furniture, with: LED backlit, WiFi, smart TV, Opera browser, all packed in TV bench designs in six different cuts.

Youtube & Kickstarter & Indiegogo

by Milos Itic on April 19, 2012

YouTube has announced today that it is now officially supporting the page bottom linking of annotation pages to both Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. This decision occur due big success of Pebble Smartwatch andsome other hish successive projects. Now, everyone want (…)

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Listen button on facebook pages

by Milos Itic on April 18, 2012

Listen only popular tracks of your favorite band or musician. New facebook button. “Listen”. Choose your favorite music community:, Deezer, iHearRadio, Zvooq, Vevo. One more feature to this biggest social platform.

Newcomer in the game: Blackmagic Cinema

by Milos Itic on April 18, 2012

Blackmagic Design this year at NAB presented their own version of an HDSLR camera and its called Blackmagic Cinema . A 2.5K cinema camera that records RAW or compressed to an SSD drive. Body Price: $2,995 or 2,282€.

CS6 Production Premium

by Milos Itic on April 16, 2012

NAB 2012, Day 1: news from Vincent Laforet. This is his video: